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Wedding Playlist Inspiration 1 Posted

WEDDING PLAYLIST.jpgThroughout your big day there are a series of highlight moments or spotlight moments as they are sometimes called. Here are a few musical suggestions for these moments which hopefully will inspire you. …  Read more

Most requested songs at weddings and partiesHere's a top twenty of our most requested songs at weddings and parties from the last 18 months:1.    Black eyed peas          I got  a feeling 2.    Kings of Leon  …  Read more

Top 20 1980's requests. Posted

Top 20 1980's  requests.Following on from our blog about the most requested hits from the 1970's, here is our top 20 requested hits from the 1980's in no particular order.TOP 20 1980'S requests 1.    Deacon Blue         …  Read more

Top 20 1970's requests Posted

Top 20 1970's requestsMost DJs will be frequently asked to play requests, either in advance of the function or on the night of the function or by a playlist sent in by the host of the function.Here is our most requested hits from the 1970's.TOP 20 SEVENTIES REQUESTS:1. &n…  Read more

Background Music Posted

Background music is generally played while guests are arriving or during the buffet break. The type of music and songs tend to be ones that everybody will recognise, be able to sing along to and get them ready for dancing. Here's a selection from our last…  Read more