Your Special Day

Your Special Day

We will arrive at your venue well in advance of our agreed starting time. We will introduce ourselves to the venue management. We will liaise with them to check on running times and set up areas.

Wedding preparation

Before we commence we will have a brief chat with you to confirm that the running order and details for your special day are the same as when we last discussed them with you and that there has been no last minute changes. We will double check Bride and Grooms names, guest arrival times, when you wish to start your first dance. If you are unsure when to start we will advise you what would be a good time. We will talk you through who will be dancing with whom. We will inform your guests as to what time we will be announcing the first dance. We will remind your guests nearer the time to prepare themselves for the first dance.

Your first dance

Your first dance as a newly married couple is often the main event of your evening reception. Some couples love the idea of a well rehearsed routine in front of all their friends and family, Others are terrified at the very thought of being alone on the dance floor. Whether you are one of these two extremes, or somewhere in between, we will help you to make your first dance special and memorable.

Choose your Wedding Song

First of all you need to choose “your song”. Most couples will choose something which is meaningful to them, maybe the song that was playing when they had their first dance, their first date, or a romantic song whose lyrics mean a lot to them. It could even be something which fits in with the theme of your wedding, or perhaps a light - hearted song which may reflect your personalities or mean something special to you. 

When you are ready we will then announce to the guests that we are now ready to commence and invite them to welcome the Bride and Groom onto the dance floor for the first dance. Halfway through the first dance we will then invite your guests to welcome the Best man and Bridesmaid onto the floor to join you. As the first dance draws to a close we will once again invite your guests to show their appreciation for the newly wed couple.
For the second dance we will invite you to change partners so that the Bride dances with the Best man and the Groom dances with the Bridesmaid at this point we will invite the rest of the bridal party to join you on the dance floor. Halfway through this dance we will invite the rest of your guests to join the Bridal party on the dance floor. 
We will guide you through the traditional wedding dance format.

Candy Cart

A stunning addition to any occasion. Our Candy cart comes complete with sweets, jars, bowls, scoops, bags, decorative touches. Can also be supplied with LED lighting.Click Here for more info.

Alternatively can be hired without sweets.

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