Speech guidelines for the brides father.

1.    As the host it is very much your place to welcome everyone, hoping that they have enjoyed themselves so far with more to come.

2.    Welcome the grooms family and friends. It is generally understood that the brides family provide the hospitality,  even if the actual costs are shred.

3.    Welcome the groom into your family, recount a funny story about the courtship or when you first met the groom. Give him your support.

4.    the most important part of your speech is your account of your daughter growing up and her transformation from a baby to a beautiful woman who is about to leave your fold and embark on the journey into married life.

5.    You may wish to give some advice to your daughter and her new husband, how to handle her, her likes and dislikes and anything you think of that makes for a long and happy marriage.

6.    Finish by making the formal toast along the lines of   "Family and friends please be upstanding and join me in raising your glasses to...(names)..., the bride and groom.

      Sit down and enjoy the rest of the day.

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