Toast and Speeches

Toasts and Speeches

Toasts and Speeches are often regarded as a great source of worry to the people who are called upon to make them, but it is a great honour to propose a toast or make a speech at a wedding and with a little bit of planning a great deal of satisfaction can be derived from the occasion.

A few basic rules.

1.    Dont leave the preparation of your speech to the last minute.

2.    If you dont bother to put much effort into your speech, you wont get much out of it.

3.    have the main points written down on paper or card, number the pages, write in large letters so that you can read them from the table while you are standing up.

4.    Always use your own words as it makes it so much easier to memorise your speech.

5.    Practice your speech before the day. This can be done with a friend who may offer some help or advice or by standing in front of a mirror when you have the house to yourself.


1.    Always start with "My wife and I"  or  "On behalf of my wife and I", I would like to thank (brides fathers name) for his kind words.

2.    Thank everyone for sharing the day with you.

3.    Thank the member of the clergy/humanist/celebrant for the lovely service.

4.    Give a special mention to guests who have traveled a long way to be there, mention them by name.

5.    A special mention should also be given to absent friends, who may live to far away, or are perhaps ill, or no longer with us. End with  "our thoughts are with them as theirs I'm sure are with us".

6.    Thank everyone for their gifts, if you wish make special mention of large expensive or sentimental gifts. refer to the gifter by name.

7.    If the wedding cake has been made by someone attending the wedding it is usual to thank them by name.

8.    Thank your parents for the guidance, love, support, encouragement and for always being there when you've needed them throughout your life. Thank them for welcoming your new wife to the family and conclude lightheartedly by saying something like "most of all thank you for putting up with me for the last (number of years)."

9.    Now thank your wife's parents for the arrangements they have made and for welcoming you into their home as a member of the family. Now is a good time to present bouquets and gifts.

10.  Address your wife at this point. Tell her how beautiful she is, how happy she makes you and tell her that you will strive to build an excellent future together, be as sentimental as you like at this point.

11.   Thank the ushers and page boys then devote a few minutes to the best man. Tell your guests how long you've been friends, mention an amusing incident and finish by thanking him for getting you to the church and for looking after you at the stag night.

12.   Finish your speech by proposing a formal toast to the bridesmaids along the following lines  "May I take this opportunity to thank the bridesmaids who I think everyone will agree look absolutely beautiful. My wife is very grateful for all the help you have given her, so please everyone be upstanding and raise your glasses to the bridesmaids."

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